[For Overseas Visiters]

 We have been running an international mail order service.

 To make order, please send a email (info@bein.co.jp)with
 your name, a shipping address, artist name, title, price, condition.

 We confirm stock and inform the total payment including shipping fee in reply.

 We only accept credit card (VISA, Master Card, American Express) payment.

 (No cash and PayPal, sorry...)

 We will ship your items soon after we confirm your payment.

 If you have any other questions, please email (info@bein.co.jp)us.

 [Our Postal Address]

 TOKYO 166-0003

 TEL / FAX : +81(0)3-3316-3700



 Airmail Insured 1,730 yen
 EMS 2,600 yen

 Airmail Insured 920 yen
 EMS 2,200 yen

 These price are for living in Europe, US, Canada, Australia...
 A postage changes if you live other area.

 Insurance covers under 6,000 yen. (EMS covers 20,000 yen)